Access 100% verified schools and their locations


Empowering the education institutions in the African continent by bridging the gap between them and their target audience.


Assisting our guests/clients in English & Pidgin from 8am to 8pm.


Education Consultancy in the comfort of your home just by initiating a chat with us on your mobile.

Who we are

InstantSchools is a solution developed by Instant Schools Ltd, a company dedicated to providing high quality custom IT solutions and Consulting services to the Education Industry. Instant Schools Ltd is an IT Solutions provider with focus majorly on Education.

The team

The Instantschools team is hired not only for their experience and skill sets, but for their incredible work ethic and integrity. Low turnover assures our high standards are maintained. Our diverse and multidisciplinary team includes experienced and award-winning designers, human factors and professional consultant, and ingenious researchers.

What we do

Instant Schools’ services range from education consulting, to full eLearning solutions development, deployment, and maintenance.  While demonstrating its capabilities by successfully serving clients worldwide, InstantSchools insures their success through a unique combination of a collaborative, consultative approach; technical capability; and high quality delivery model. Due to the nature of InstantSchools’ client base, we use the most advanced technologies, tools, and quality processes to deliver custom tailored user-friendly solutions.